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Seattle Freeze

Seattleite Seattle Freeze
Probably all of us have a particular image of some nations coded in our heads. I guess Poles imagine Americas as either happy cowboys wearing hats and leather jackets saying ‘howdy!’ on the street, or those tired and a bit plumpy elders driving the mobility scooters in malls. And what about people living in various cities?  Seattleite - that’s the...
Seattle weather
You probably heard that people are sleepless in Seattle, it always rains in the rain city and people seek medical advice in the Grey's Anatomy hospital. You also might have heard that all Seattleites are fans of Nirvana and Jimmy Hendrix. Together with all those before me who have decided to move to Seattle I’ve heard those ‘facts’ over...
Ania loves pierogi, coffee and cherry pies!

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