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Polish potato dumplings knedle with fruit stuffing
It's a sweet take on Polish potato dumplings! This popular in the Central and East European cuisines dish is eaten as a dessert, a main or a side dish. Salty outside with a sweet fruit filling knedle are simply irresistible! KNEDLE with PLUMS, RASPBERRIES or CHERRIES    You got this pot of mashed potatoes left from the day before and it'd be a shame...
Eating out in Wroclaw is simple thanks to the big number of dining spots. One of the most beautiful cities in Poland, Wrocław offers you lots of places with traditional Polish food. I lived in Wrocław for almost a year and I’ve prepared a list of places that shows where to eat delicious and authentic Polish food. The meals are cheap, portions big and you’re sure the ladies in these kitchens cook like that at their homes!Meat...
Ania loves pierogi, coffee and cherry pies!

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