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Paczki Polish doughnuts
Crispy on the outside and soft inside - Polish jelly donuts  (Pączki) are a must on Fat   Thursday! To eat a good donut Poles either stand in queues to pastry shops and bakeries or choose to make pączki themselves. Making Polish doughnuts is easy, but it needs your time and attention! Homemade doughnuts taste delicious, and you can choose whether you fry them in lard or oil. You can make traditional sweet, and crispy Polish pączki fried...
Polish Mushroom Dumplings
‘Uszka’ are another type of Polish pierogi filled with wild-mushroom and traditionally served with clear borscht on Christmas Eve dinner. Here is how you make them. Some Polish housewives already feel anxiety owing to the amount of time and work they need to spend preparing Christmas food. The easiest way to deal with it is just to buy ready made pierogi...
Ania loves pierogi, coffee and cherry pies!

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