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Project SIS: Polish women in Seattle photo: Marta Bras
I was always inspired by women - those who went beyond the boundaries of comfortable existence, questioned norms, and set their own standards: queens, brave warriors, travelers. But also those who were never mentioned in the margins of history. At some point, I started wondering what are Polish women like in Seattle? Why did they come here and how do they find themselves in the Rain City?  Polish women living in Seattle When I...
Public buses in Seattle
The USA may surprise you both in a positive and negative way. What the Americans take for granted, the Polish may find surprising. Many similarities and differences between the American and the Polish culture provoke hit discussions. I’ll describe here some everyday life situations that are most conspicuous for a Polish person. Before moving to Seattle, WA, I’ve been to...
Ania loves pierogi, coffee and cherry pies!

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