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Proziaki Polish soda bread
Proziaki - Polish soda bread Numerous villages in the Podkarpackie Region prepare Proziaki which, are made on tile-based cookers heated by firewood. Since proziaki (pro- zea - ke) are so popular in south-east Poland, they even made it to the list of Regional Products of the Podkarpackie Region. You make them using wheat flour, eggs, sour cream, water, salt and baking soda. Prosiaki...
Kacapoły or klęgle - Polish Potato Balls with cheese filling
The fact that Podkarpackie Region may be particularly abundant in potato dishes, honestly makes me wonder what people used to eat before potatoes were discovered?! This traditional Polish main course has been kept in the Folk Museum in Kolbuszowa for years, but you can be sure every local hostess has her own way to make these dumplings! Anyhow, here is the dish...
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