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The traditional Polish cuisine, in terms of meals preparations and digestion, has always been time-consuming. Polish food has been filling so that you could survive harsh Polish winters. Nowadays, the climate in Poland is slightly milder and office jobs don’t burn as many calories as plowing. Polish food is still very hearty and didn’t change much. Polish soups for the...
Polish pierogi in Warsaw
You can try Polish food at its best in Warsaw the capital of Poland. Eating out in Warsaw is simple thanks to the big number of dining spots. Thanks to living in Warsaw for over a year, I made my own list of best, most authentic and quite cheap restaurants serving Polish food.  The best pierogi places in Warsaw Gościniec Polskie Pierogi - Podwale 19, Warsaw Open: Mon-Sun: 11am-10pm A small place specializing in the Polish dumplings. The portion of pierogi is...
Ania loves pierogi, coffee and cherry pies!

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