Marta is one of the first Polish women I met in Seattle. We sat down in the famous Cafe Besalu in Ballard and talked about her photos. One thing led to another and we’ve decided to create something together. Marta is in the USA since 1997. She lives with her husband and two teenage boys in a house facing a beautiful forest. One of the rooms is made to be a small photo studio where she takes emotional photos of...
"Projekt SIS: Dagna Barrera and Silesia Guitars"

Dagna Barrera and Silesia Guitars

Seattle is a city of music, so I found a Polish woman whose life here is bound to guitars. During our first meeting, you could glimpse a weave of her electrifying energy in the air. Dagna Barrera...
"Project SIS: Sylwia Gulik"

Sylwia Gulik about a family teamwork

We met for a morning coffee in downtown Seattle. The café was full of white- collar workers waiting for their morning cup of joe. The meeting was scheduled to fit our...
"Project SIS: Magdalena Bragun and Summac Law PLLC"

Magdalena Bragun and Summac Law PLLC

Fighting for herself, asking the right questions, finding the best solutions, and working hard to reach her goals - all these describe Magdalena. After our first meeting,...
Photo: Marta Bras "Project SIS: Maria Magdalena Ma "

Maria Magdalena Ma and Black Birch Textiles

I came across Maria and Black Birch Textiles while browsing the net. When I read the short description on her website I immediately realized I need to meet her. For I thought a girl...
Waiting for the interurban seattle fremont

What to buy eat and do at the Polish Festival Seattle

Celebrate the Polish culture & traditions with audiences in Seattle, as part of Festál Cultural Festivals at Seattle Center. Eat the authentic Polish sausage, watch traditional Polish dances,...
Photo: Marta Bras "Project SIS: Anna Cholewińska"

Anna Cholewińska and Polish School in Bellevue

I came to like Anna Cholewińska almost immediately! Who knows?! Maybe because I believe that all Annas are action-oriented women who ooze amazing energy?! Or maybe because Anna Cholewińska truly inspires...
Photo: Marta Bras "Project SIS: Mariola Kulawiec"

Mariola Kulawiec and Witty Scientists

Her knowledge, spirit and practical approach towards life intimidated me at first, but during our first meeting, I realized that Mariola is an incredible, action - oriented woman! Mariola decided to...
Ania loves pierogi, coffee and cherry pies!

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