Seattle! Polish blog here!

“I love pierogies!” is the sentence I hear most when somebody hears I’m Polish.
So why not use this sentence to write about Seattle from my Polish perspective?!
Besides, I love pierogies, don’t you?! If you want to learn something more about Pierogi see my article called: Pierogi vs Pierogies 

I’ve always been a rolling stone. Having lived and studied in Poland, Ireland, Turkey, and Hungary, I couldn’t find my place in the world. Then, I moved to Seattle, WA.
Now, I love the Emerald City and I love it! To learn more about me go to: Seattle feels at home

This blog will introduce you to the local Polish community, Polish culture, traditions as well as my Polish point of view on discovering Seattle!

There are 2 language versions of this blog that slightly differ check  🇵🇱 the Polish one too!

Polish in Seattle