Seattle! Polish blog here!

“I love pierogies!” is the sentence I hear most when somebody hears I’m Polish.
So, why not use this sentence?! Besides, I love pierogi, don’t you?! And if you want to learn more about <pierogi> see my article called: Pierogi vs Pierogies 

There are 2 language versions of this blog:

  • the English features the Polish recipes I use in my kitchen. The recipes are mainly less popular, traditional, and regional but mind you: there is no meat on my table. Therefore, you will always have a vegetarian option for your “pork cuts”.
  • 🇵🇱 the Polish version is about Seattle from my Polish perspective. It provides you with an insider’s view on the Emerald City. 

All in all, this blog may also introduce you to the local Polish community, Polish culture, and traditions. I wonder what you will discover!

Polish in Seattle