It’s a sweet take on Polish potato dumplings! This popular in the Central and East European cuisines dish is eaten as a dessert, a main or a side dish. Salty outside with a sweet fruit filling knedle are simply irresistible!


You got this pot of mashed potatoes left from the day before and it’d be a shame to throw it away? You can easily use it to make knedle – Polish dish that will amaze your entire family (kids included)!
Polish your food with this really short and simple recipe and a handful of fresh or frozen fruit you find at hand.


Polish potato dumplings knedle with fruit stuffing
I’ve been recently making a lot of pierogi and securing my freezer, but at some point, I recalled that making knedle would be also a great idea! So, how could I not share this simple recipe?!

If you are still wondering what knedle are and how are these Polish dumplings different from the other ones you might have tried, here I am with your explanation!

Knedle  (from German knödel, “dumpling”) is a dish made of boiled potato-dough filled with some kind of fruit: plums, strawberries, raspberries or cherries.

This dish is delicious and irresistible not only to children but also lots of adults! So, If you are still wondering how to make Polish potato plum dumplings this I got the simplest recipe for you!

RECIPE FOR Potato Plum Dumplings – KNEDLE 

Remember you don’t have to restrict yourself to plums. People make these dumplings with strawberries, raspberries, and my personal favourite, cherries! Be bold and try something else!

  • 500 g (ca. 1 lb) of boiled potatoes
  • 1 egg
  • ca. 100 -150 g of all-purpose flour
  • salt
  • 250 g of plumps/ cherries/ raspberries/ strawberries
  • powdered sugar
  • few spoons of white sugar and some cinnamon


Prepare your fruit: by opening the box of your frozen fruit or washing your fresh fruit first. Put it into a bowl and mix it with a few spoons of white sugar to make the filling sweeter and prevent fruit from leaking the juice through the dough.
If your plumps or strawberries are too big, cut them into halves.
If you are choosing plumps for your filling, sprinkling them with cinnamon will elevate the taste.

How to make potato dumpling dough:

  1. Peel and boil the potatoes, mash them with salt or run through a potato ricer. Remember to let them cool completely, so you don’t burn your hands later.
  2. Add egg and mix until well combined. Then, add in flour and knead until you form a soft dough forms.  The dough should not stick to your hands.
  3. Now, with lightly floured hands, you can divide your dough into 8-10 equal pieces. The pieces should be big enough to cover the fruit.

How to make your Potato Plum Dumplings:

  1. Pat a piece of the dough flat and put one plum in the centre. Bring sides of dough over plum to seal your little “bowl.” Roll it between your hands to make sure it’s closed tight.
  2. In a large pot, bring salted water to a boil. Lower the heat to medium. One at a time put dumplings into boiling water. Cook for 8-12 minutes. You know your knedle are done when they rise to the top.


  1. Sprinkle your slightly cooled potato dumplings with powdered sugar.
  2. Serve them with a spoon of cream or a dollop smoothie made from the remaining fruit.
  3. Toasted breadcrumbs: take a pan, heat oil over medium heat and toast breadcrumbs.
  4. Last but not least, melted butter will also be good – everything is good with butter 😉


If you are choosing to make the dumplings with plumps and the plums are not quite ripe, place a sugar cube dipped in rum inside of each plum to increase the sweetness and flavour.

BTW you don’t have to peel the plumps and if you are planning on freezing them for some later cravings I’d recommend pitting them first 🙂

That’s how you Polish Your Food – SMACZNEGO!

Polish potato dumplings knedle with fruit stuffing
Knedle with cherries are my personal favourite! However, when strawberries or plums are in season, they absolutely rule on my table!