Where to eat in Rzeszow? So you landed in Podkarpacie and you’d like to eat some traditional Polish food? Or maybe you’d rather eat regional Polish food? Here is the list of places that will help you out!

Podkarpacie, located in the south-east of Poland, isn’t maybe as popular among tourists as聽other regions but it definitely is special!
Traditional聽Polish food comes in a variety of shapes and tastes, so聽where聽should聽you聽eat if you don’t know Rzesz贸w?

A lot of Polish dishes contain some sort of meat. But, what choices to make if you are vegan or vegetarian聽<V>? As a vegetarian, I often have problems with finding something to eat in this region of Poland. So, below you will find a list of places and foods can make your vegetarian experience better ;)!

  1. Karczma Wac艂aw贸wka –聽ul.聽Stra偶acka 7, Rzesz贸w,

    and another, smaller location in the center of the city at ul. Jana Matejki 11, Rzesz贸w

    Rzeszow Poland traditional Polish food
    Traditional Polish food in Karczma Wac艂aw贸wka Rzesz贸w Poland

    The smell of this place is just amazing and聽delicious! They serve everything you would eat in a Polish house!
    Starting from breakfasts, through lunch, dinner聽and聽awesome huge portions of聽cakes!
    The atmosphere is also very friendly so聽I聽bet you will leave with a big smile on your face!

    Polish soups such as chicken soup with homemade pasta (ros贸艂), sour rye soup with hardboiled egg & sausage (偶urek), chitlings (flaczki wo艂owe) cost聽in聽average 8聽PLN = $2.29 = 1.92

    I should also mention that their borscht is聽made聽in聽the聽traditional聽way – cooked on smoked meat.

    You can choose from different meat main courses pork聽chop (kotlet schabowy), pork聽neck (kark贸wka), goulash with Silesian potato dumplings (gulasz z kluskami 艣l膮skimi). For these you will pay ca. 23 PLN = $6.60 = 5.51

    And of course pierogi! However here you will find something that I found rather unusual: <V>聽Polish dumplings with cabbage and cottage cheese (pierogi聽z聽kapust膮聽i聽bia艂ym聽serem)聽for ca. 12 PLN = $3.44 = 2.88鈧

    Something strictly for vegetarians is also to be found: pancake rolls with cabbage (krokiety), potato pancakes with sour cream (placki ziemniaczane) as well as sweet crepes with cottage cheese, apple, and nutella filling.
    This will cost you ca. 13 PLN = $3.73 = 3.12鈧

  2. Pierogarnia na pi臋trzeul. 3 Maja 5/2, Rzesz贸w, Poland

Located in an old and atmospheric townhouse with beautiful tailed stoves inside.
This place isn鈥檛 the fanciest but their food definitely is delicious!

They鈥檝e got a big variety of PIEROGI: so you can eat <V>potato & cheese (ruskie), with meat (z mi臋sem), <V>聽with spinach (ze szpinakiem), with potato & sausage (z聽ziemniakami i kie艂bas膮), with blood sausage (z kaszank膮) and a some others. Additionally, a cold kind of buttermilk (kefir) that tastes great with pierogi (!) always waits in the fridge.

They sell 3 different portion sizes: small (5 pierogi) for 5 PLN, medium (10 pierogi) for聽9PLN, large (15 pierogi) for 13 PLN ($3.73 = 3.12鈧) They also sell cold pierogi for take away 0,79 PLN/ piece ($0,23)

  1. Szynk RzeszowskiRynek 5, Rzesz贸w

A great place to do shots of vodka and have some small plates of marinated herring (艣led藕), pork jelly (galareta), blood sausage (kaszanka), sauerkraut-and-meat stew (bigos) and some other Polish cuisine specialties. All for ca. 8 PLN = $2.30 = 1.93

The interior features photos of old Rzesz贸w and some plates mentioning famous people from the city.

  1. Matryoshka – Al. gen. Okulickiego 9, Rzesz贸w

This place serves the Polish border cuisine and of course a GREAT variety of PIEROGI.

  • Lviv style pierogi with buckwheat and meat (Pierogi lwowskie z kasz膮 gryczan膮 i聽mi臋sem)聽<V> Pierogi with sauerkraut and mushrooms (Pierogi z kapust膮 kwaszon膮 i grzybami) will cost you here 14 PLN = $4 = 3.36
  • The BAKED pierogi such as Galician Pierogi with ham, mushrooms, peppers and cheese (Galicyjskie z szynk膮, pieczarkami, papryk膮 i 偶贸艂tym serem)
    cost聽here聽17聽PLN = $4.88 = 4.08鈧
  • An interesting taste to try is also soup called Russian beef soup (Solianka).

But here you have a chance to try some really special meals from the region such as:

  • <V>聽Stuffed potato dumpling with meat or cottage cheese filling (Cepeliny聽z聽farszem mi臋snym lub twarogiem) 18 PLN = $5.16 = 4.31
  • <V>Highlanders pancakes with traditional sheep cheese (Czebureki z bryndz膮) 22聽PLN = $6.31 = 5.27
  • Cabbage rolls in tomato sauce (Go艂膮bki z sosem pomidorowym) 16 PLN = $4.59 = 3.83
  1. Konfitura Juliusza S艂owackiego 8, Rzesz贸w,

    Rzsz贸w the best Polish food
    fot. Restauracja Konfitura, Rzesz贸w Poland

A fancier place with Polish food served in聽a聽modern聽way. You can expect that the聽presentation of the dishes will be neat and聽elegant and the prices will be higher.

  • <V>聽Potato & cheese pierogi (ruskie) and meat pierogi (pierogi z mi臋sem) 聽cost 13 PLN = $3.70 = 3.11
  • Starters such as Crispy grilled black pudding with apple and mustard mouss (grillowana kaszanka), and Herring served with onion and apple (艢led藕 opalany) are聽rarely聽(if ever) met in every other Polish restaurant so you may want to give it a try.
  • <V>聽They also serve Cep mushroom soup (zupa borowikowa) for 14 PLN = $3.99 = 3.35
  • Main meat courses also look interesting: Beef cheeks with dark beer sauce served with buckwheat and beetroots (Policzki wo艂owe z sosem z ciemnego piwa na kaszy gryczanej i buraczkach) for 31 PLN = $8.84 = 7.41

Rzesz贸w Vegan and Vegetarian places

Best Vegetarian food in Rzeszow
Zdrowo Zmiksowani, Vegetarian food in Rzesz贸w, Poland

Let’s face it – Rzesz贸w isn’t really a vegan-friendly place. Even vegetarians don’t have many places to go to. But still, you can find 2 vegetarian restaurants in the capital of聽Podkarpacie.

6. Magiczne Smaki –聽Al. Krzy偶anowskiego 4A, Rzesz贸w

You will definitely get here vegan pierogi with vegetarian filling and borscht with聽young beet greens! They also offer cabbage rolls (go艂膮bki), barley soup with prune (krupnik), homemade vegetable soup and some awesome vegan desserts!
It’s simply delicious and nice!

7. Verde Cocina Pizzeria Vegetarian-vegan –聽Grunwaldzka 7, Rzesz贸w

8. Zdrowo Zmiksowani聽–聽Fircowskiego 3, Rzesz贸w

They definitely deserve your attention if you are looking for a place with聽lots聽of聽vegetarian聽options where also your meat-eating friends will feel satisfied.
The owners definitely overtake their competition in the creative approach to vegan food and the newest culinary trends. They are not afraid to serve baked sweet potatoes, chickpea stews and carrot spaghetti in this corner of Poland! I’m really glad they are here!

Other places聽with good food in Rzeszow

If you are simply looking for good food in Rzesz贸w that isn’t necessarily traditional聽Polish聽food, but locals recommend it:

They pride themselves on cooking only from fresh local products from Podkarpacie, and聽specialize聽in the聽sous-vide cooking method.

All starters are with meat so if you want to try聽steak tartare or herring with blackcurrant聽go for it!

<V>Pumpkin creme (krem z dyni) &聽topinambour creme聽soup聽(krem聽z聽topinamburu),聽pearl barley risotto (kaszotto z p臋czaku), penne with gorgonzola (penne z gorgonzol膮), goat cheese salat (Sa艂atka z kozim serem), and no main courses for vegetarians.

A good place to hang out over a beer. They are known for their BBQ ribs, two types of steaks and two types of burgers.

<V>聽Vegetarian salat (sa艂atka wegetaria艅ska)