Eating pierogi in Seattle?! There are few places where you can eat PIEROGI in this city, but which one is really the best?!
Well… You will learn where I had absolutely the best and the most delicious pierogi in Washington state

If you have this urge to eat pierogi in Seattle you simply need to know places where they sell them. But where to eat the best pierogi in Seattle?!
You have to decide for yourself. I can surely tell you where I had absolutely the best pierogi, the most delicate, well- seasoned and homemade pierogi in the entire Washington state?!

1. Piroshki on 3rd – 710 3rd Ave, Seattle

Open: Mon – Wed 6:30 a.m. – 6 p.m. Thurs – Friday 6.30 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Sat 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Pierogi in Seattle pieroshki on 3rd
Piroshki on 3rd in Seattle offers really tasty and filling homemade pierogi you should try!

Portion of 12 pierogi costs you $9.99

Located in Downtown Seattle.
It’s a Russian place specializing in sweet and sour pastries called pieroshki.
BUT! They also sell PIEROGI and I wouldn’t have mentioned them if they weren’t really good!
Their pierogi are spelled PIROGY and PIROGIES on the menu and you can eat them with different fillings. 

Pierogi Fillings: Cheese, potatoes, potato & mushrooms, and beef fillings.

You get your pierogi boiled and served with melted butter and sour cream.

They sell borscht (beet soup with a side of sour cream) everyday and offer a choice of another traditional soup on different days of the week.
A cup of borscht costs $3.85/ LG bowl $4.95.

Apart from that, you have a variety of lunch specials!
Also, you gotta try some of their mind-blowing pastries!

I found their PIROGY really tasty and popped in for lunch whenever I visited the neighborhood. They simply care about to make their food tasty and filling!

2. Sebi’s Bistro – 3242 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle

Open: Mon – Thurs 4 p.m. -10  p.m. and Fri – Sat 4 p.m.- 11p.m.

Polish Food in Seattle Sebi's Bistro
Sebi’s Bistro Pierogi served with red cabbage

Portion of 10 pierogi costs you $12 

Pierogi Fillings: potato & cheese, potato & cheddar, potato & meat, sauerkraut & mushrooms, meat.
I was told the pierogi filling menu frequently changes so, you never know what type of pierogi you’ll find here.

However, I need to say being Polish and having lived in Poland for many years I was never served pierogi with sauerkraut or cabbage on the side… I strongly believe it is a sort of anomaly you will meet only behind the borders of Poland. The Polish serve pierogi with sour CREME not sauerkraut… did somebody not understand the recipe? In my opinion, this practice should be stopped. 

Your boiled potato & cheese pierogi are served with red cabbage or sour cream. As I said you pay $12 for them but there is also an option of having pan fried pierogi that cost $8 (but I couldn’t get an answer when I asked about the difference in the price).
Additionally, there you can have Pyzy (p
otato dumplings with meat filling) for $13.
You have a chance of ordering a “Polish Platter” that consists of Gołąbki (cabbage rolls), Polish kiełbasa, served with a side of veggies for $15

Their cup of borscht costs $4 and you pay $6 for a bowl. 

3. PB Kitchen at Polish Home Association – 1714 18th Ave, Seattle

Pierogi Seattle Polish Cultural Center
Pierogi in Seattle Polish Cultural Center

Open: Fri 4 p.m. – 11 p.m. and Sun 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.

Portion of 10 pierogi costs $11 or $12

Fillings: potato & cheese, sauerkraut & mushrooms,

They do have pierogi but these pierogi are rather doughy and nobody ever said they are homemade so don’t take it for granted. In the menu, you will find blueberries pierogi, pierogi with sweet cheese, as well as meat pierogi for $12.

However, they serve homemade meat pierogi at Polish Bazaars twice a year.

You can also order a Polish Platter that consists of one meat and rice cabbage roll, 4 pierogi, sausage, mashed potatoes with dill and a spoon of sauerkraut for $16. Here, a bowl of borscht costs $5.

THE BEST PIEROGI in Washington state

Are to be eaten and cherished in Magdalena’s creperie is a Polish style cafe in Bellingham, Washington.

Magdalena’s creperie – 1200 10th St, Ste 103, Bellingham

Open: Wed – Thurs 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Fri 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. and Sat – Sun 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Magdalena's creperie the best Polish pierogi n Washington state
The best Polish pierogi I had in Washington state are in Magdalena’s creperie – Polish style cafe in Bellingham.

They offer amazing traditional handmade Polish pierogi topped with caramelized onions and served with a side of sour cream!
The dough is smooth and delicate, and the fillings are so well- seasoned I could swear my mom works for them! Haha!
But obviously that’s not true – they simply know what they are doing and they are doing it well!


  • Large plate: portion of 12 pierogi for $17.00
  • Medium plate: portion of 9 pierogi for $13.00
  • Small plate: portion of 6 pierogi for $10.00

If you would like your pierogi topped with fried bacon bits, add $2.75

Fillings: potato & farmer’s cheese, meat (beef & pork), mushrooms & saurkraut.
They also sell seasonal pierogi like sweet blueberries and strawberries fillings.

Magdalena's creperie the best Polish pierogi n Washington state
Delicious blueberry pierogi from Magdalena’s creperie

On top of that, in this place, you can eat delicious crepes with various savoury and sweet fillings.
And if you want to stay in the Polish tastes mode, definitely try their Polish-style soft crépe (2) with ricotta cheese, fresh seasonal fruits, mascarpone cream cheese for $12.50. You can top it with additional whipped cream, maple syrup or Greek yoghurt but I’m sure what you get on the plate will fill be just enough.


Enjoy your Polish food!