Celebrate the Polish culture & traditions with audiences in Seattle, as part of Festál Cultural Festivals at Seattle Center. Eat the authentic Polish sausage, watch traditional Polish dances, listen to modern Polish music, stroll around Polish food and gift booths on July 8, 2017.
Polish Festival Seattle is coming to town!

What to buy and eat at the Polish Festival Seattle?

Seattle Polish Festival
Marketplace of Polish Festival Seattle 2017

If you have a sweet tooth make sure to drop by the booth with homemade Polish cakes.
Polish Women’s Club recently gathered on Capitol Hill to bake traditional Polish cookiescroissantsbunsbabkasdonuts (pol. pączki) and sweet rolls.
Also, hunt for Polish cheesecake (pol. Sernik) and poppy seed cake (pol. Makowiec) – these two are my favorites and you’ll definitely like them too!

Hungry for some Polish lunch? Food booths will be serving some amazing Polish food: Cabbage Rolls (pol. Gołąbki), Silesian Potato Dumplings with goulash (pol. Kluski Śląskie), the most famous Polish street food Zapiekanki, as well as Grilled Polish Sausage. And of course PIEROGI – lots of pierogi!

Start strolling around the marketplace hunting for Polish gadgets and some pretty blink- blink. You will definitely find beautiful red beading necklaces, scarves with traditional Polish embroideries, paper cuts, crystals and amber jewelry. Baltic amber is the native gemstone of Poland, and along with Polish pottery that will be also available in the marketplace can be a precious gift!

What to do at the Polish Festival?

Head upstairs to the Amory balcony and look around – make yourself a floral head wreath and take part in the ongoing workshops. This year you have a very rare chance to eat and see the local Silesian specialty being made: gluten free Silesian Potato Dumplings called “Kluski Śląskie” (KLOO-skee SHLOWN-skee)(Demo at ‘Armory Loft 2’from 1 2 PM).
Then take part in traditional Polish PIEROGI workshop (‘Armory Loft 2’ 3-4 PM), and Pickling demo (5- 6 PM). The pickling demo will certainly explain why Poles just love pickles!

Children activities at the Festival will take place upstairs at the balcony: face painting, coloring, making Polish miners hats, and video games for all ages from Fundacja Indie Games Polska.

Take part in Polka Dance Contest that will be held on the main stage from 3:40 to 4:00 PM.

Visit the Upper Silesia Exhibit in Loft Lobby and learn something about the region of Poland the festival is featuring this year. Once there, check the Historical Exhibits Area.

Polish Vodka and Beer Garden

I love pierogies Seattle Polish Festival
Polish Festival Seattle I love pierogies

This year the festival hosts Polish Vodka Tasting at Armory Loft 3! This will be organized in  3 sessions: @1-2 PM, 3-4 PM, 4-5 PM.

You can still buy your tickets online or count that you will be able to get your pass once you arrive. Remember that there is a limited number of places! There will be vodka and some traditional Polish snacks: ‘Smalec (lard) and Bread,’ Polish Dill Pickle, Polish Pâté (pol. Pasztet) as well as a delicious vegan snack: bean lard on bread!

Once outside in the beer garden, you will encounter a jolly accordionist Andy Mirkovich – he’ll make sure you will enjoy the time spent lingering over a glass of beer.

Artists at the Festival

Those seeking traditional Polish music and folk dances as well as those willing to sing and dance to the most famous hits of Polish pop hits will be happy this year! Paweł Chęciński and Young Pianists from M. L. Szlaga Piano Studio will play Chopin’s music.
The choir Vivat Musica! will sing Polish Folk Songs, and folk groups such as Karpaty and Piast in their colorful traditional outfits will dance the traditional Polish dances.
And the group of
Agnieszka Laska Dancers will perform a ‘Tribute to Ewa Demarczyk’.

On the other hand, Yaazda – a Polish Alternative Rock band,  will make sure you get a portion of Polish Cover Songs! Matt Strutynski Band, who plays Polish-American Indie Folk, will also make you dance under the stage! Parno Drom and New Age Flamenco will definitely hit up the cheerful atmosphere with their amazing music!

Children dance groups: Młodzi Polanie and Dancers of Polish School of Portland will be performing on the stage as well.

You’ll also meet me at the Polish Festival Seattle.