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beets leaven recipe

Polish Christmas Borscht – beetroots leaven recipe

When you think of Eastern Europe cuisine you think borsch (also spelled borscht) is the flagship soup. What is borscht? How do you make it and what is so special about a beets soup? Why...
Polish Mushroom Dumplings

Uszka for the Polish Christmas Eve

‘Uszka’ are another type of Polish pierogi filled with wild-mushroom and traditionally served with clear borscht on Christmas Eve dinner. Here is how you make them. Some Polish housewives already feel anxiety owing to the amount...
Polish Legends Twardowsky

Polish Legends and Hell Department of Slavic Demons

Polish myths and legends are full of Slavic demons and stories of the brave Poles outwitting the devil. Have you heard of  Baba Yaga, Mr. Twardowsky, Basilisk or Devil Boruta? Now all these Polish Legends...

Wroclaw Christmas Market

and the magical atmosphere of the city Christmas time in Poland? Why not to try the mulled wine, feel some spice in the air, listen to Christmas carols and enjoy yourself in the merry atmosphere of...
Ania loves pierogi, coffee and cherry pies!

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