I remember from childhood a dark fall evening when women from the village would come to our house for tearing feathers and drinking sweet quince vodka.

On that night our house smelled like freshly baked cake and plum marmalade. All rooms were heated with tiled stoves and the meeting itself always took place in the kitchen – the heart of our home.

Seattle reminds me of Wrocław – it’s the meeting place. You can see almost all citizens of the world on the streets of the Emerald City. People live here the way they like.


Home in Seattle

I have never thought that, after so many years, the memories of the ‘feather tearing’ will come back to me. None of a sudden, just like when I was a child, I saw almost the same picture.

I stood in the middle of the room full of bustling women that were just organizing their work space. Some, have already had their hands deep in the sticky dough. For that evening we were supposed to make some Polish pierogi.

Polish Women’s Club of Seattle

Pierogi making session in Seattle

Pierogi making session in Polish Cultural Center in Seattle

Far from the home village and the capital of Poland,
I found myself making pierogi with Polish Women’s Club of Seattle. Since I grew up in the country for me in Polish, the name “Koło Pań” (Polish Women’s Club) is strongly associated with “Koło Gospodyń Wiejskich” (The Farmer’s Wives’ Association).

Therefore, my mind created the name “Koło Gospodyń Miejskich” ( The City’s Wives’ Association) that now I cannot erase. I quite like this new Polish name.

During the pierogi making session I had a chance of meeting older than myself representatives of Polonia in the States. Ladies who have been in the USA for ca. 20 years have been telling me some of their life stories, and my heart stole Basia.

We all know such elder lady that makes our heart melt with her loving eyes and soft sweet voice – just to make the time fly she’d tell you the stories of her youth. Maybe it’s your grandma; maybe that’d be your neighbor or that lady from the fair.

When such Ladies as Basia tell stories from their youth, we see these stories as black and white movies or as sepia tone photography.

At some point of our conversation, Basia said that she annually organizes nativity play at Polish Cultural Center and she timidly asked me whether I had some live “baby-Jesus at home.” The “baby-Jesus” could take part in the play yet I, unfortunately, answered that I’d got none and I won’t manage to get one by Christmas.

Why so many pierogi – Polish Fall Bazaar

The Polish Women’s Club takes part in many events organized by the Polish Cultural Center. Such event is the 56th Annual Fall Bazaar that takes place on the weekend: Saturday, November 5th and Sunday, November 6th.

In Poland, you’d be looking for an authentic American and Thai cuisine – stuff that Seattle offers on every corner. Though, in Seattle, you cannot eat an authentic Polish food just everywhere. That’s why
Fall Bazaar is a great place to try some real
meat pierogi, Polish sausage,
and a homemade
poppyseed cake.