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Seattleite Seattle Freeze

Seattle Freeze

Probably all of us have a particular image of some nations coded in our heads. I guess Poles imagine Americas as either happy cowboys wearing hats and leather jackets saying ‘howdy!’ on the street,...
Poland's National Independence Day

Celebrating Poland’s National Independence Day

When Americans celebrate the Veterans Day - November 11 for the Polish is the National Independence Day. In Poland, it's one of the few days within a year when Poles put up Polish flags. Polish Independence Day Poland...
Koło Pań Seattle Polish Women Club

Polish Women’s Club of Seattle

I remember from childhood a dark fall evening when women from the village would come to our house for tearing feathers and drinking sweet quince vodka. On that night our house smelled like freshly baked cake and plum marmalade. All rooms were heated with tiled stoves and the meeting itself...
Polish food in Polish Cultural Center in Seattle

Polish Bazaars at Polish Cultural Center in Seattle

A noisy kitchen full of voices, busy waiters, and bustling women reminded me of traditional Polish village weddings somewhere in a remote Sub-Carpathian region of Poland. Everything started with a sweet smell of cookies… Last...
Ania loves pierogi, coffee and cherry pies!

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