Typical Polish lunch – Polish soups

The traditional Polish cuisine, in terms of meals preparations and digestion, has always been time-consuming. Polish food has been filling so that you could survive harsh Polish winters.

Nowadays, the climate in Poland is slightly milder and office jobs don’t burn as many calories as plowing. Polish food is still very hearty and didn’t change much.

Polish soups for the 1st course are filling and heavy

Basically, the Polish cops always look like as if you should eat them with a knife and fork.

Here is a list of Polish soups: 

Żurek: sour rye soup with potato, sausage or an egg, sometimes served in a bread loaf.

Barszcz czerwony: refreshing beetroot soup with vegetables and sour cream or served clear with dumplings.

Barszcz biały: sour thick wheat starch soup with marjoram, potatoes, sometimes with cream.

Krupnik: barley soup with a smattering of vegetables and smoked meat.

Flaki wołowe: beef tripe soup.

Kapuśniak: sour cabbage soup.

Zupa ogórkowa: hot sour cucumber soup.

Zupa koperkowa: dill soup.

Rosół z kurczaka: golden chicken consommé with noodles.

Zupa pomidorowa: tomato soup, served with rice or noodles.

Grochówka: thick pea soup.

Zupa grzybowa: mushroom soup with cream.

Chłodnik litewski: cold yogurt-and-beetroot soup served with a hard boiled egg, originally from Lithuania.