Seattle first take

1st look at Lake Washington
Seattle, WA first visit at Lake Washington

We felt lucky we visited Seattle for the 1st time in spring.This story connects Warsaw, Seattle, and Lima.

And this article is about normal people like you, me and this guy selling veggies on the corner. It’s about waiting, dreaming and traveling. 

Warsaw dream 

In the center of Warsaw, just on the corner of Solidarności and Jana Pawła II Ave, under tall arcades and next to the tickets machine, a normal guy has been disposing his small vegetable market since I can remember. I’d seen this man still in fall 2015. Back then he would wear thick winter gloves packing apples and plumps for his customers. Soon after that he disappeared….

Travel preparations – The Emerald City

I’m not one of those who prepares their journeys for long. I’d buy cheap flight tickets early and look for accommodation sometime in advance, but I never figure what to do and see at my destination. That’s to be decided when I land. This way I collected beautiful memories from Paris, Porto, Rome or Helsinki.

As a matter of fact, I don’t remember planning my travels. I’ve always felt an urge to travel (….) 

Though this Seattle visit was different.

I used to travel alone but now there were two of us walking around the rain city. Additionally, the flight tickets weren’t so cheap and the flight itself was way longer.

My previous visits to the USA were based on the East coast of the US. Then, I’ve been to Boston and the NYC. Seattle was never my goal.

Sleepless in Seattle

Not everybody traveled far away and was given the ‘privilege’ of jet lag.  Jet lag is a temporary sleep disorder due to travel multiple time zones.

I usually suffer from jetlag for 3 days and so it was this time. My friends couldn’t believe I’d pay just such a short visit to the USA given that jet lag will be my inseparable companion.

Seattle is only seemingly a Rain City. It welcomed us with great sunny weather that totally enhanced us. I’d even say that we fell in love.

Washington here and now

Somebody one asked me whether I miss Kraków. I answered that I answered that even though I lived there for 5 years I couldn’t miss Kraków. If I did, I’d similarly need to miss all the other places I lived in the Sub-Carpathian region of Poland, Bray in Ireland, Konya in Turkey, Satoraljaujhely in Hungary, Wrocław, and Warsaw.

All these places are inseparable parts of my story that soon will be written from Seattle. That’s when I’ll be inviting you more often to  

What happened to the guy from a veggie stall

The stallholder was about 50 years old. Even though he looked like every other stallholder he was great at his job. You’d always leave his booth with an additional bag of potatoes, onions or a garlic head. He liked to chit-chat, joke around and walk around his stall in a way that made you think he always keep something special just for you.

On the first warm day of spring, the absence of the stallholder really hit me. Initially, I thought that something bad must have happened and I may not see him again. Then I thought that he must be very happy. When I was passing this empty spot I remembered one of our short conversations.

It’s a chilly fall Friday evening in Warsaw. Crowds from the trams overflow the streets at 9 pm. Some are just coming back from work, some are heading to parties. After the long working day, the stallholder slowly gathers his stuff to head home. I ask him:

  • I see you here every day from the early morning to late evening hours.  Nobody else keeps their stalls open so long. Why do you work so much?

  • I want to earn enough money for my big dream.

  • And what is this dream?

  • I’d like to visit Peru.