Pierogi aka pierogies are probably the most popular Polish food.

Though I’m not gonna claim that the Polish invented them – different variations of pierogi are widely known in the Eastern Europe e.g. the Ukrainians have their varenyky and the Russians eat piroshki and pelmeni. Moreover, various kinds of stuffed dough can be found throughout the world – the Chinese eat pot stickers, the Italians ravioli or tortellini and the Jewish have kreplach.


I can guarantee that there is something special about Polish pierogi.

The Polish pierogi have some traditional fillings such as mashed potatoes & cottage cheese, sauerkraut, meat, but to be honest, the number and kind of pierogi fillings are simply unlimited.


The Polish namepierogi is plural, the single piece of this dish is called ‘pieróg’ but you are never satisfied with just one. Foreigners often add the ending ‘es to the already existing Polish plural of the name, so you’ll often hear Americans say “I love pierogies!” – a sentence that practically contains a mistake.

Though, because my mission isn’t to correct anybody but just to enjoy the simple fact of loving pierogi
I accept both forms pierogi and pierogies. 

On the internet, you will find: pierogi, pierogies,  and even  pierogy – as a name for the Polish dumplings.

Choose your own way of loving it ;)!