Moving to Seattle, WA

Seattle weather
Seattle weather

You probably heard that people are sleepless in Seattle, it always rains in the rain city and people seek medical advice in the Grey’s Anatomy hospital.

You also might have heard that all Seattleites are fans of Nirvana and Jimmy Hendrix. Together with all those before me who have decided to move to Seattle I’ve heard those ‘facts’ over and over again. This post is yet another travel, adventure, stage, and relocation. 

Moving to the USA

Actually, the decision about moving to Seattle came even before we’ve visited the emerald city for the first time. In March 2016 the Washington state welcomed us with a beautiful spring, and Seattle itself bloomed with a storm of colorful flowers. It was the first of five springs we were to see that year.

The time difference between Seattle and Warsaw is 9 hours, the flight may last ca. 12 hours. Therefore, after shaking off the jetlag tiredness, we’ve started discovering this green city like a pair of nosey children. We’ve been looking into every corner of the city knowing that next time we’ll be staying in for longer.

What should you know about Seattle, WA

It’s one of the biggest cities of the Washington state and the entire north-west coast of the USA. It’s called the Emerald City, Seatown, Rain City, Jet City, Gateway to Alaska, Gateway to the Pacific or Queen City.

On top of that Seattle is also said to be one of the most beautiful cities in the US – I guess it may be because there are over 70 city parks in the Seattle area and 15 national parks in the Washington state. It gives you a lot of places to spend your free time outdoors.

A landmark of the Pacific Northwest and an icon of Seattle is the Space Needle605 ft (184 m) high observation tower. I bet if you’ve ever watched The Jetsons (produced by Hanna-Barbera animated sitcom) you will see clear similarities between Seattle Space Needle and the needle in the cartoon.

Seattle is situated on a hill and it’s streets lie on different levels so bicycle trips can be adventurous. Key factors to Seattle’s growth are a skilled workforce employed inter alia by Amazon, Microsoft, Boeing or Google.

Emerald city of tolerance
You could probably boldly say that the people of Seattle are quite liberal. This is indicated by the fact that the Washington state voted for the legalization of gay marriage in December 2012 . The same year but a month earlier they legalized marijuana for recreational purposes. Moreover, the percentage of people identifying themselves as LGBT and declaring atheism is at the same time  the highest in the entire US.  

Additionally, in January 2016 , the Council of the City and the Mayor of Seattle voted to increase the minimum wage to $ 15/h . It will be the highest in the US and one of the highest in the world.

Gdynia – sister city of Seattle

“Coming Home” statue of two salmons.
“Coming Home” statue commissioned by SGSCA and presented to the City of Gdynia in 2005.

I’ve been always joking that Gdynia is my husband’s favourite city since that’s where he’s been playing hookey in high-school. When we got married in Gdynia we bashfully joked that Gdynia reminds us of Seattle. Back then we didn’t even think these two cities have more in common than we thought.

Apparently, Seattle and Gdynia are sister cities. Moreover, the existing Seattle-Gdynia Sister City Association (SGSCA) promotes business as well as cultural and academic exchanges between each other. In 2005 SGSCA presented to Gdynia a sculpture called “Coming Home” that still today is to be seen at the end of Gdynia’s seafront. Do you believe in signs?

Does it rain in Seattle

What’s the weather like in Seattle? Being located by the Puget Sound and just next to the Pacific Ocean Seattle borders with water from the East and the West.

The sky here is for the majority of time covered with clouds. In Seattle more often than the rain is a mizzle. That’s probably why the locals never carry umbrellas but wear thin jackets (those aren’t necessary during warm springs and sunny summers. The temperatures in Seattle vary between 16-25℃ (43-57℉) from April to October, and 8-13℃ (36-54℉) from November to March. In Seattle, you’ll never see people bundled up in cotton clothes. That’s why during our 1st visit to the emerald city a director of a bank that we popped into said he knew right away we weren’t Seattleites.

It doesn’t snow in Seattle but if you want to do some winter sports you can go to the nearby Snoqualmie Pass. Seattle is an evergreen city and its winters aren’t as strong as in the NYC. On the other hand, even though in summer you won’t experience many days with blazing sunshine, Seattle is a city where they sell the biggest number of sunglasses in the USA!