Kraków – a city filled with historical buildings, legends, and artistic atmosphere? Would you like to find a restaurant with proper authentic Polish food?

There’re places in Kraków you must visit and food you must eat! I lived in Krakow for almost 5 years. Hence, I know the city inside out and can recommend you places with the best and most authentic Polish food! These places are often visited by the locals and everybody: meat eaters, vegans, and vegetarians will find something here!

  1. Przystanek Pierogarnia – (Dumpling Stop) ul. Bonerowska 14

    Kraków best traditional Polish Pierogi
    Przystanek Pierogarnia serves the best pierogi.

    Unquestionably the best and the most authentic Polish PIEROGI specialists in Kraków! This is a legendary place loved by the locals so much, that they leave laudatory notes on their board and customers send them postcards from different parts of the world! People say that their pierogi are better than grandmas’!

They serve Porcja 9 pieces with sauteed onions. Their fillings are traditional Polish Pierogi fillings:

  • Ruskie (Potato & Cheese) 8.30 PLN
  • Z mięsem (meat) 8.90 PLN
  • Z kapustą i pieczarkami (sauercraut & mushrooms) 8.70 PLN
  • Ze szpinakiem i serem (spinach & cheese) 8.80 PLN
  • Studenckie (potatoes & backon) 8.30 PLN = $2.36 = 1.98€
  • <V> Z soczewicą (lentils) 8.50 PLN = $2.42 = 2.03€

2. Kiełbaski z niebieskiej nyski (Polish sausage from a Soviet model van) – ul. Grzegórzecka 14, Open 8:00pm – 3:00am

the best traditional Polish food in Kraków

The best Polish sausage you could ever have!
Everybody knows 
Kiełbaski z niebieskiej nyski and we can suspect they’re the very 1st ‘food truck’ in Poland! Two older guys set this business over twenty-five years and they’ve been standing here every evening except Sundays ever since. They light a long grill and roast sausages you eat with a bread bun, ketchup, and mustard. Old school Polish lemonade is available too. There’re always long lines.

Grilled sausage with bread bun – 8 PLN = $2.28 = 1.91€

3. Gospoda Koko – ul. Gołębia 8

Gospoda Koko Kraków Polish Food
Krakow Traditional Polish food Gospoda Koko

Famous among all the local students as a place with delicious, cheap and homemade Polish lunches served in huge portions daily from 8 – 3 a.m. They offer lunch sets (soup and the 2nd course of your choice) for only 14 PLN = $3.98 = 3.34€

You should try their soups, knedle (potato dumplings with plums) or kotlet schabowy (meat chops)!
Their menu is seasonal. This place is really spacious so don’t be mislead by the small room in the front! Enter the arched gate leasing to the courtyard and take the door on your right – you can either stay upstairs or explore the huge dining space in the basement. 

4. U babci Maliny – ul. Sławskowska 17 and ul. Szpitalna 38

You enter a ‘traditional’ highlanders interior and can get here grilled Polish sausage kiełbasa, oven baked meat pierogi, meat-stuffed cabbage gołąbki, and placki ziemniaczane (potato pancakes) for 23 PLN = $6.55 = 5.49€

5. Zapiekanki on Plac Nowy – Plac Nowy

In the center of Plac Nowy, a small round square in the old Jewish district called Kazimierz, you will get the local specialties zapiekanki. They’re baguettes with different toppings on it. Choose any of the windows serving zapiekanki and you’ll be satisfied!

zapiekanki krakow
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6. Bar Mleczny Pod Temidą – ul. Grodzka 43

Milk bars offer a variety of authentic Polish meals at a very low price and are still very popular in Poland. They are called ‘milk barks’ because at the beginning mainly dairy products were served there.

You walk in, see a board with the names of meals, you choose, pay and wait to be called to collect your food from the counter. This bar mleczny is representable and serves tasty Polish food. Try potato pancakes placki ziemniaczane, small square noodles with sauerkraut łazanki, pancake rolls krokiety, beef tripe a la polonaise flaki, Silesian potato dumplings kluski śląskie.