The most popular Polish meal is ruskie pierogi.  

You make Polish pierogi ruskie out of simple dough filled with mashed potatoes, fried onion, and cottage cheese

Even though the recipe is simple the name gets us puzzled. We translate ruskie’ into Polish as ‘Russian’ and probably you wonder why the Poles would call one of their most recognizable dishes in favor of the Russians.
The answer is simple. What the Russians prepare in their kitchens are piroshki made in a totally different way.

Pierogi are popular in the Central and Eastern European

Pierogi ruskie came to Poland from our 13th- century neighbors: Kievan Rus’.
The meal quickly assimilated into the Polish taste. Hence, in the 20th century, you could hear about wedding receptions where only
pierogi ruskie were served.
Additionally, in the area of current Ukraine that was once Poland as well, this type of pierogi is still called
‘Polish pierogi’.

The best pierogi ruskie have a delicate pierogi dough and a delicious filling.
Since I remember pierogi were a specialty of my mom and my grandmom.
Probably, all Poles share the same feeling.

There’re many recipes for great pierogi and I’m sure all Poles have their own idea of the best pierogi in the world. I brought my best pierogi recipes to Seattle, WA and I’ll be happy to make them from time to time.
Homemade pierogi bring warm memories of Poland and I love pierogi