"Project SIS: Magdalena Bragun and Summac Law PLLC"
Fighting for herself, asking the right questions, finding the best solutions, and working hard to reach her goals - all these describe Magdalena. After our first meeting, I once again knew that motivation is infectious - we can pass it on to one another. I hope that reading this interview will inspire you and make you see the world as Magdalena does: nothing is impossible! It has been...
Photo: Marta Bras "Project SIS: Maria Magdalena Ma "

Maria Magdalena Ma and Black Birch Textiles

I came across Maria and Black Birch Textiles while browsing the net. When I read the short description on her website I immediately realized I need to meet her. For I thought a girl...
Waiting for the interurban seattle fremont

What to buy eat and do at the Polish Festival Seattle

Celebrate the Polish culture & traditions with audiences in Seattle, as part of Festál Cultural Festivals at Seattle Center. Eat the authentic Polish sausage, watch traditional Polish dances,...
Photo: Marta Bras "Project SIS: Anna Cholewińska"

Anna Cholewińska and Polish School in Bellevue

I came to like Anna Cholewińska almost immediately! Who knows?! Maybe because I believe that all Annas are action-oriented women who ooze amazing energy?! Or maybe because Anna Cholewińska truly inspires...
Photo: Marta Bras "Project SIS: Mariola Kulawiec"

Mariola Kulawiec and Witty Scientists

Her knowledge, spirit and practical approach towards life intimidated me at first, but during our first meeting, I realized that Mariola is an incredible, action - oriented woman! Mariola decided to...
Project SIS: Polish women in Seattle photo: Marta Bras

What are Polish women like in Seattle?

I was always inspired by women - those who went beyond the boundaries of comfortable existence, questioned norms, and set their own standards: queens,...
Polish family genealogy

Family genealogy – how to find your Polish ancestors

Do you have Polish ancestors? Are you wondering about your Polish genealogy and how to find your family history resources? Today I'm hosting a valuable article of...
Paczki Polish doughnuts

PĄCZKI – Polish jelly donuts for Fat Thursday

Crispy on the outside and soft inside - Polish jelly donuts  (Pączki) are a must on Fat   Thursday! To eat a good donut Poles either stand in queues to pastry shops and bakeries...
Ania loves pierogi, coffee and cherry pies!

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